FAQs for Jacquard Woven Ties

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Why are some stripes diagonal and some horizontal?

Why do logos appear on the reverse of the ties?

What is the maximum number of colours that can be woven into a design?

Are there any design limitations?

Are there limits to the size of a tie?

What are normal Lead times?

Can you supply Artwork?

What are Delivery Charges?

What happens if I cancel my order after Sampling?

Is there a charge to alter my Design?

Can you supply Special or Bespoke Packaging or labelling?

Can you supply Bespoke Tipping? (the fabric at the base of the tie on the reverse)

Are there any special Care Requ­ire­ments?

What is reverse bias?

Why are Base Motifs offset to one side?

Why do you supply on a +/- 10% quantity tolerance?

Can I buy a matching Scarf?

How do I place my order?

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