Jacquard Woven Ties (with Logos)

DHJ Weisters Ltd have manufactured Jacquard Woven Ties since the 1960s and offer a choice in Polyester and Silk. A Jacquard Machine allows us to weave logos or patterns into the fabric, so is used when your customer requires their emblem or crest including in the design.

  • Stock Range of more than 400 different yarn shades
  • Standard Size for Men is 145cms x 9.5cms but any other size is available up to a maximum length of 160cms. 
  • Different specifi­cations available depending on your customer's requirements.­ 
  • A standard range of "Fashion" and "Striped" background patterns onto which you can place your logo. 
  • A choice of Polyester, 100% Silk or Silk Faced Polyester. 
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